Enough said...

The Secret?

How we do it? Secret Door Winery has searched out our favorite parts of the Napa Valley with an eye to work with dedicated grape-growers prepared to produce Cabernet Sauvignon grapes of the highest quality. We don’t own these vineyards. We have the full cooperation of the farming teams to follow our growing protocols and produce the grapes that can make the style of wine that is our vision.

Purchasing grapes is not an uncommon practice for wineries in California. With a careful selection of the vineyard site and close cooperation between the grower and the winery there is no difference in quality between purchased grapes and estate grown grapes.

We chose to begin our new project like this only because the wines were so special.

The initial release of the 2014 vintage Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is different from wines that will follow. We were offered an amazing opportunity to purchase a wine still in progress that very much is in the style and quality that Secret Door Winery is striving for.

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