Our First Release Wine.

The initial release of the 2014 vintage Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is different from wines that will follow. We were offered an amazing opportunity to purchase a wine still in progress that very much is in the style and quality that Secret Door Winery is striving for. We chose to begin our new project like this only because the wines were so special.

The 2014 vintage Secret Door Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was purchased in barrel from an unnamed winery who initially intended it as their primary $300/bottle wine. We don’t really know why they changed their mind, but it is not because the wines lacked the quality to stand in that elite group. Secret Door took over the wine while in barrel and finished it. The proof of this is in the bottle and sneak preview tastes with Cabernet Sauvignon lovers have been nothing less than sensational. The true sources and story behind the wine will have to (by NDA contract) remain… SECRET. It seemed like the perfect kind of way to start a winery called – SECRET DOOR. Look for more specific tasting notes and information on the two 2017 vintage wines later in 2018.

The Secret Door.

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