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June 15, 2018

The wines from both the Hirondelle Vineyard and from Sage Ridge Vineyard continue to sleep peacefully through the summer in the cool wine cellar. The current work is continuing to top the barrels and watch the developing chemistry carefully. All is well. The 2017’s are right on track.

That’s not the only work we are doing. This is already prep-time for the 2018 harvest. We are viewing the vineyards and making sure that we, as best we can, have an idea of how much fruit will be coming in to make this vintage. Simultaneously, we are considering what number of barrels and other equipment will be necessary to compliment the grapes we expect to receive. Barrel orders are in – we expect to again use 100% new French Oak barrels for aging the 2018 vintage. We’ve got some favorite barrels from 2017 and we are requesting more of those barrels for 2018.

We need more grape bins for collecting the grapes in the vineyard and transporting them to the winery. These are 1000 lb capacity macro-bins made out of quality food-grade plastic. The list of “needs” for any harvest just goes on and on – but it is a fun puzzle to get all the pieces to fit together at the winery just right.

Next step – final prep for the harvest and then here come the grapes! Our currently target date for harvest is the last week of September but there are a lot of things that could change that.



April 11, 2018

We have been regularly topping the Cabernet Sauvignon from Hirondelle Vineyard and the Sage Ridge Vineyard. This is important to reduce oxidation and prevent spoilage organisms from flourishing in the new wine. We currently expect that both wines will be bottled in the summer of 2019. They currently rest in 100% new French oak barrels from several different barrel makers. We fully intend to make two different Cabernet Sauvignon wines in 2017 based on the two single vineyard sites.

Interestingly, the Hirondelle Vineyard currently is the more open of the two wines. It shows lots of floral and berry-like aromas along with that distinctive cassis note that announces Cabernet Sauvignon is here. The tannins are full and quite apparent right now but also harmonious. It’s tempting to think of it as drinkable now! On the other side of the curve, the Sage Ridge Vineyard is becoming more compact and angular at the present time. It’s initial exuberant fruitiness is closing down and it’s taken on a tougher tannic feel. This is really typical of hillside Cabernet Sauvignon. We expect in six to eight months more of barrel time the Sage Ridge Vineyard will begin to reemerge and show some development.


February 6, 2018

The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon wines get their first rack. Tasting really good! We were topping the Cabernet Sauvignon and taking it to the cold cellar to rest. Funny thing. Once the wine makes it to Barrel there’s not a lot to show! There they are. Two lots – “Stags Leap District” from Hirondelle Vineyard and “Napa Valley” from Sage Ridge Vineyard. We’ll be tasting them regularly but bottling will be in 2019!



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